Celebrity Smile Makeover – Jodi Marsh

Many celebrities and film stars are using cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile, appearance and confidence. One such celebrity is Jodi Marsh who appeared on Channel 5 “Cosmetic Surgery Live” to be fitted with porcelain veneers.

Endemol, the show’s producer chose Dr Anthony Zybutz BDS to perform the surgery due to his extensive knowledge of cosmetic dentistry techniques and his ongoing yearly trip to learn new treatments at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Porcelain Veneers were used to provide Jodi Marsh with her new smile. These are thin, custom-made mouldings that cover the fronts of unattractive teeth thus portraying a bright, lifelike and natural smile. Jodie also benefited from tooth whitening - a safe, effective means to whiten stained, discoloured teeth.

Dr Zybutz commented as follows:

"In order to plan Jodie’s new WOW! Smile it was essential to have the planning stages completed to perfection. This can be likened to an architect’s drawing which is then followed by the builder.

I fabricated a set of models of Jodie’s teeth and together with photographs both my technician (Master Ceramist Marcel Roetjens of Ceramiart) and I completed a smile analysis. This showed us what was wrong with Jodie's’s teeth and then we knew what to correct.

The new shapes and positions of her future teeth are created in a tooth coloured wax so that I can envision the final outcome before we even start. I always have the final picture of my patients' new smile in mind and then this is transferred to the study models. In other words I know where I am going before we even start.

In Jodie's’s case I wanted more dominance of her two front central teeth and less focus on her ‘eye teeth’. Teeth must appear in a symmetrical arch i.e. not appear too bunched up and crowded together. The lips really are the frame for one’s smile and by placing veneers on Jodie’s back teeth her smile was further enhanced to balance with her luscious lips. Jodie’s teeth needed to be a number of shades whiter and brighter and Jodie chose the whitest shade available. The shade is NW0 which was originally fabricated by the famous Japanese Ceramic House of Noritake so that dentists could match caps to bleached teeth.

A mock up of the new veneers is created in the dental laboratory in a tooth coloured material which is then provisionally transferred to Jodie’s mouth during an assessment appointment. At this stage, BEFORE treatment has even started, you, the patient, have an opportunity to assess the ‘final’ result. It is the perfect opportunity for you to then confirm that you are satisfied with my vision of your future smile. Any changes or enhancements can be made at this stage and we will not commence with treatment until you are 100% satisfied with the mock ups.

Once the mock ups have been approved this design is then transferred by means of an index to the mouth and the dental surgeon has an exact blueprint to follow thus ensuring that you are thrilled with the predictable result. A set of provisional veneers are fabricated from the wax up which you wear for a couple of weeks while the ceramic veneers are being fabricated. If you are unsure about the appearance of the provisional veneers these can be altered to your satisfaction before the final ceramic veneers are fabricated.

The final veneers are then bonded to your teeth using the latest materials and most sophisticated technology thus creating a new, stunning, natural looking and long lasting smile"

Dr Anthony Zybutz can be consulted at www.39harleystreet.co.uk

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