Cosmetic Dentistry – Bridges

If a tooth has been lost, a cosmetic dental bridge can be used to “bridge” the gap between two adjacent teeth. A specially designed structure incorporating a hollow crown to support the missing tooth is prepared in the dental laboratory. Similarly to crowns and implants, the replacement bridge “tooth” will be matched to the rest of your teeth to give as natural a result as possible.

Bridgework can be constructed from a variety of different materials depending upon the application – your cosmetic dentist will advise what is most appropriate.

A cosmetic bridge is usually a permanent solution and when done professionally can significantly enhance your smile and confidence.

A dental bridge consists of a semi-flexible sub-structure or support and the replacement tooth the fits into it. This structure is then bonded to the adjacent teeth, neatly filling the gap from where the original tooth was lost.


  • Less invasive than implants
  • More permanent than dentures
  • Helps to support adjacent teeth than can start to displace and misalign when a neighbour tooth is lost
  • Can be carefully constructed in the dental laboratory to precisely match your original teeth
  • Generally less bulky than an equivalent denture


  • A small amount of the outer layer of the teeth adjacent to the gap may need to be lost. This is to allow sufficient room for the hollow crown that carries the replacement tooth
  • As with all cosmetic dentistry techniques, bridges can be quite expensive so please do your research carefully!

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