Cosmetic Dentistry – Bonding

Bonding is the name given to the technique whereby a tooth coloured material (typically a hardened plastic derivative) is fixed to the tooth or teeth to create a bond. This is similar to a filling but more extensive in that it can be used to change the size or shape of teeth in addition to repairing fractures and defects.

Bonding can thus be used to give the appearance of straight teeth and a rapid improvement to your smile.

Bonds will tend to stain in the same way as normal teeth but can be polished as usual during you usual hygienist visit. A patient is often cautioned to avoid biting down aggressively on hard foods as this can displace the bond. Bonding will normally last for several years but less time than veneers. As with many of the newer cosmetic dentistry techniques, bonding is relatively painless in most cases.

Your cosmetic dentist will advise if the bonding technique is suitable for you.

As with all cosmetic dentistry techniques, bonds can be quite expensive so please do your research carefully!

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