Cosmetic Dentistry – What is Cerec ?

In a nutshell Cerec is a process that allows the cosmetic dentist to evaluate, design and create perfect ceramic or porcelain tooth restorations in a single visit. Cerec is one of the most advanced, computer-based cosmetic dentistry treatments available today making the fitting of crowns, inlays and overlays easier than ever before.

Cerec – the process:

  • firstly a very accurate digital image of your teeth is taken and the tooth restoration work needed planned on computer
  • solid blocks of ceramic material, one of the hardest of all tooth coloured materials are selected to be formed into the tooth restoration
  • 3D software controls the perfect precision milling of the ceramic block to form dental inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns or full anterior or posterior crowns - all this is fully visible as the Cerec machine works
  • the completed tooth restoration is then bonded to the parent tooth using an advanced bonding system

Advantages of Cerec:

  • Cerec typically allows much better conservation of the original tooth material
  • crowns, overlays, inlays and veneers can be prepared during a single visit to your cosmetic dentist
  • no impressions or temporary fillings are needed
  • clinically tested with over 15 million restorations completed worldwide
  • fracture resistant - restorations are milled from solid ceramic blocks
  • tooth coloured and bio-compatible

What does Cerec cost ?

Although the Cerec process employs sophisticated and expensive technology, the cost of tooth restorations produced by it are often little different in price to similar restorations produced by traditional methods. This is because the restoration can typically be produced in a single visit to the cosmetic dentist thus ruling out laboratory and revisit fees.

A typical Cerec crown might cost between £350 - £800 per tooth depending on the application.

As with all cosmetic dentistry treatments, the Cerec process should only be undertaken by a trained cosmetic dentist so please do your research thoroughly before proceeding.

Please read on to discover more facts about other popular cosmetic dentistry techniques......

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