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As an alternative to private dental care in the UK, more and more patients are traveling abroad to Europe and further afield to seek quality dental treatment. Typical procedures e.g. dental crowns, implants, veneers, bridges and other cosmetic dentistry techniques can be found cost effectively and performed to high standards.

More and more "dental tourists" are combining the pleasures of a short break with the opportunity to visit a good quality cosmetic dentistry clinic overseas.

Popular destinations for dental tourism include Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand and the Philippines.

Featured Dental Clinics and Practices Overseas

Cosmetic Dentistry Information features a number of overseas dental clinics and dental tourism companies who specialise in providing dental treatment abroad for UK patients.

Philippines - cosmetic dentists

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic - Caloocan City

Drs. Alexander, Cristina and Frederick Garcia offering a wide range of very affordable cosmetic and general dental services from their state-of-the-art practice in The Philippines. Read more....

Hungary - cosmetic dentists

Laserdent Dental Clinic - Mosonmagyarovar

Dental tourism excellence from a high-tech practice and highly qualified team of professionals in Hungary. A full range of dental services in one specialist location. Read more....

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Are you considering Hungary for dental treatment?

Hungary is one of the rising places to visit for cosmetic dental treatment. This article looks at some of the advantages of Hungary when travelling to have dental implants abroad as well as other procedures. First of all, Hungary, although a relatively unknown country to many Europeans, is a beautiful country with some amazing rives and lakes as well as some good hot springs in which to bathe. Of course, trips to the capital Budapest should not be missed either.

What of the standard of dentistry in Hungary? Well, most top cosmetic dentists in Hungary are fully qualified and will be registered with reputable international dental organisation. Many too, will have taken their qualifications in the UK and may well have practised here for some time before setting up their own practice in Hungary.

For those looking for dental treatment abroad, Hungary offers a wide range of procedures from the relatively minor such as fillings through to dental implants and other more sophisticated procedures.

Whilst many people living in the UK may well decide to have their fillings done in the UK as they are relatively inexpensive, the cost of a dental implant (or two) can be quite prohibitive and beyond the reach of many people in the UK who are then likely to opt for the less expensive but equally less desirable dentures. Simply by having dental treatment abroad in countries such as Hungary, it is possible to significantly cut down on costs. The added bonus is that this reduced price is usually part of a ‘package’ deal which includes not only the dental implant procedure, or any other, but also flights and accommodation.

It may depend on how much you want to pay but most top cosmetic dentists in Hungary include luxury accommodation in the price. This is especially beneficial to those who are nervous about having dental treatment as a procedure such as a dental implant can be quite draining mentally, and having the chance to relax in luxury, perhaps sunbathing by a pool whilst you recover can have a very therapeutic effect.

Taking these few days out of a hectic lifestyle will also benefit you overall too and the benefit of discovering a new country is something that we can all benefit from, being exposed to new customs and cultures.

On the dental side though, with the success rate of dental implants being around 98%, the chances are that you will have a successful procedure, however there may still be concerns about aftercare. Even if you have an implant in the UK, your dentist will want to see you for check ups at intervals and the cost of returning each time to Hungary for this purpose would counteract any savings that you had made. Thankfully, many top cosmetic dentists in Hungary that offer treatment abroad have also teamed up with a UK dental practice that will provide the aftercare in the UK.

It is advisable to make sure that this is provided when you investigate which dentist to visit, by making this extra little effort, you should soon have a great smile secure in the knowledge that dental help is on hand should you need it.

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